Recommended accessories

A Powerful Computer

We’ve designed this cart solution to be fully compatible with the recommended desktop that 3Shape sells and distributes for the moment:
the HP Z240.
The size of HP Z240 is: 17 x 44.2 x 39.9 cm. 
This case, gives us a margin of 2-3cm on each side when the computer is placed inside the cart. 
We recommend that you contact your scanner distrubutor computer for specifications regarding required CPU, RAM and Graphics.

The Essential Accessories

You are free to accessories your cart to your liking and needs. 
However, if your looking for a hygienic setup, we recommend these accessories.

The display

AG Neovo TX22

With its touch technology, it enables you to communicate with the patient in a more interactive manner – even with gloves on.

The full HD display features a glass surface for easy cleaning.

Find yours on the link below:

The keyboard

Man & Machine Slim Cool Keyboard

The golden standard of hygienic keyboards. Its recognisable keys and hygienic design makes this a solid pick. 

We offer this keyboard with a magnetic back which adds to the solid feel of the cart.

Find yours on the link below:

The CAD-mouse

Silverstorm Washable Mouse

Dont let the simple design fool you, this is a washable mouse – with a real scroll wheel!

This combination makes the Silverstorm mouse a good choice if you want to prioritize hygiene but still have a good mouse for doing proper CAD work.

Find yours on the link below:

The Upgrades

If you want to take your cart to the next level, we cant recommend these next upgrades enough!

The Battery Backup

We’ve allocated enough space for a standard battery backup in our cart. This simplifies transportation between rooms immensely while allowing the use of a powerful computer.

We recommend that you choose a battery with atleast 750VA and a few standard outlets.

UPS with lead batteries are more readily avaliable, but have one caveat – you can only use the battery while moving the cart between rooms. Otherwise it will quickly deteriorate and require a battery change.

We’ve have successfully run the APC Smart-UPS SMT750IC for multiple customers 2 years straight with day-to-day-use without any significant battery deterioration.

Find yours in the link below:

The Display Tilt

This ergonomical,  simple tilt function makes it possible to tilt 20 degrees, both up and down. The bracket can be inclined at different angles with minimal effort for individual positioning. 

This is especially useful if your staff is tall or your staff wants to operate the cart whilst standing up.

We’ve have several customers using
South-Co AV-D30-5T101-76 

Find yours in the link below:

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