Designed with a digital workflow in mind​

Going digital is transformative. The digital development in dental is advancing in a rapid pace. It can be difficult to know when and how to invest into a more digital workflow.

The product name, Shift, emphasizes the transition from analogue to digital. This is a cart for clinics who want to invest a solution that’s as flexible and future-proof as possible.

Unique features

We challenged ourself to design a cart solution that is feature complete for everyday use while still keeping the cart open enough for customization down the road.

We want to make sure you get a cart solution that’s hygienic, ergonomical to use and flexible enough to whatever the future holds. This cart is built to last.

Apart from the cart itself, we’ve design a extra features that sets this cart apart from the rest:

  • Scanner holder
  • Magnetic holders for scanning accessories.
  • Retractable power cable with 4 sockets
  • Easy-rolling wheels with locking positions

Flexible and future proof

The processing power required for interoral scanning exceeds regular computers and laptops. That’s why we’ve made sure this cart can house a powerful desktop computer while still keeping it enclosed and as hygienic as possible.  

Better yet, this allows for futures upgrade, something that’s overlooked when investing into a cart solution for interoral scanning.

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