Designed for a digital workflow

Going digital is transformative. The digital development in dental is advancing in a rapid pace. It can be difficult to know when to invest in a more digital workflow.

After two years of development and countless prototypes, we are proud to offert a cart solution designed for clinics with a digital workflow.

Our cart is named Shift which emphasizes the transition from analogue to digital. This is a cart, is for clinics who want to invest a solution that’s as flexible and future-proof as possible.

Unique features

We challenged ourself to design a cart solution that is feature complete for everyday use while still keeping the cart open enough for customization.

We want to make sure you get a cart solution that’s hygienic, ergonomical to use and flexible enough to whatever the future holds. This cart is built to last.

Apart from the cart, we’ve design a few features that sets this cart apart:

  • Scanner holder
  • Magnetic holders for scanning accessories
  • Retractable power cable with 4 sockets
  • Easy-rolling wheels with locking positions

Scanner holder

Magnetic calibration holder

Magnetic tip holder

Flexible and future proof

The processing power required for interoral scanning exceeds regular computers and laptops. 

That’s why we’ve made sure this cart can house a powerful desktop computer while still keeping it enclosed and as hygienic as possible.  

Better yet, this allows for futures upgrade, something that is often overlooked when investing in a cart solution for interoral scanning.

Have you already invested in a laptop or a desktop with the required hardware? No worries, the laptop or desktop can be easily installed to the cart and connected to the display via two service hatches on the sides.

Did you notice standard VESA mounting holes on the back? This allows you to mount your own display or swap out the display later on.

Recommended accessories

You are free to customize your cart to your liking and needs. 
However, if your looking for a hygienic setup, we recommend you to configure your cart with the following accessories.

The display

AG Neovo TX22

With its touch technology, it enables you to communicate with the patient in a more interactive manner – even with gloves on.

The full HD display features a glass surface for easy cleaning.

The keyboard

Man & Machine Slim Cool Keyboard.

The golden standard of hygienic keyboards. Its recognisable keys and hygienic design makes this a solid pick. 

We offer this keyboard with a magnetic back which adds to the solid feel of the cart.

The CAD-mouse

Silverstorm Washable Mouse. 

Dont let the simple design fool you, this is a washable mouse – with a real scroll wheel!

This combination makes this a good choice if you want to prioritize hygiene but still have a good mouse for CAD.

Recommended addons

Extra addons we offer for your convenience.

Battery Backup

Since normal computers needs to be restarted when disconnecting the power, we’ve allocated enough space for a standard battery backup in our cart. 

This simplifies transportation between operating rooms immensely but still allow the use of a powerful computer.

Display mount with tilt

A simple tilt function that makes it possible to tilt 20 degrees, both up and down. The bracket can be inclined at different angles with minimal effort for individual positioning. 

This is especially useful if your staff is tall or your staff wants to operate the cart whilst standing.

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